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"When people are open and upfront about their preferences and boundaries, they create deeper and more fulfilling connections."

— Amanda Wilson, co-founder

Welcome to #open—a diverse community for dating, friendship, networking and more.

When you’re meeting new people, it can be tough to sum up your gender, orientation, and preferences. Use #open to create a profile and browse beyond limiting labels.

Express yourself.
Explore your preferences.
Evolve the game.
"#open makes the playing field a safer, sex-positive environment where people can be themselves."

— David Epstein, co-founder
Amanda Wilson,

When Amanda, 38, moved to the Northeast in 2013 as a master’s candidate at Harvard University, she discovered location-based dating apps and the power of game theory; she also met her partner, David.  When the two came together (which two?), it was a magical moment.

That moment gave birth to #open.

Prior to attending Harvard, Amanda spent 15 years working with Republicans on Capitol Hill, K. Street, and in the state of Tennessee.

Amanda’s choice to become a single mother 10 years ago has provided well over 10,000-hours of practice dating.

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Amanda Wilson photo
David Epstein,

David is a 49-year-old Irish Catholic Jew, the first one Amanda had ever met. The two of them are the proud parents of three (so far).

His 23 years of innovation with Internet based, subscription business models made him the perfect partner to help realize Amanda’s vision for a different kind of dating app experience.

#open is David's fifth start up following JavaNet, BroadVoice, FreeConferencePro and Hartford Car & Driver. To date, he counts just under 1 million subscribers served.

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David Epstein photo
Alyssa Malec,
Product Manager,
Founding Team Member

As #open’s resident millennial, Alyssa, 27, keeps the team on task. She also knows the digital dating world inside and out.

Never one to follow the rules herself, she has spent the last few years enforcing them as she climbed the management ladder in the world of “fast casual” dining.

Good prep for the wild ride we are embarking on.

Alyssa Malec photo