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#openEd presents: Parenting While Polyamorous: A Panel Discussion with Mariana Ellery, Megan Bhatia, and Rebecca Woolf

Join us LIVE in our #openEd classroom! 

Parenting While Polyamorous: A Panel Discussion

It's hard enough raising children in today's world - but doing so as an ethically non-monogamous parent can feel even more challenging! The benefits of polyamorous parenting are abundant - a larger family of support, happier parents, and a stronger foundation in what love can be. However, many polyam parents struggle with questions about whether - or how - to talk to our kids about our other relationships, as well as how to determine what level of "coming out" to teachers and to other parents is appropriate. Join us for a panel discussion featuring author Mariana Ellery, speaker Megan Bhatia, and writer Rebecca Woolf as they discuss some common questions that polyamorous parents have, and share some tools that can help families thrive.

M.Ellery is the author of "A Color Named Love" the first children's book with polyamorous parents represented. As a non-monogamous person, she wrote it because she wants to become a mother in a world that shows kids all over the endless possibilities of love and allows them the freedom of choice.

Megan Bhatia's experience as a professional facilitator and speaker took an unexpected turn when she and her husband decided to open their marriage. Creator of Amory podcast with both her husband (Marty) and partner (Kyle), she now shares her perspective of a mother and entrepreneur shifting out of “default monogamy” and into a polyamorous relationship structure. Her journey has been intense, powerful, and rewarding.  She has lived in 12 countries over the last two and a half years in various living arrangements with her polycule, and loves sharing what she has learned. Megan believes that each one of us can change this world by creating loving relationships with our partners, children, friends, community...and of course, ourselves. 

Rebecca Woolf has worked as a freelance writer since age 16, contributing to numerous publications, websites and anthologies, most notably her own award-winning personal blog, Girl’s Gone Child, which attracted millions of unique visitors worldwide.  As well as launching her own successful blog and writing weekly columns for, and Quiet Revolution, Woolf’s essays have appeared on Refinery29, Huffington Post, Romper, Parenting and more. She is also the author of Rockabye: From Wild to Child (Seal Press, 2008) and the forthcoming memoir, ALL OF THIS (Harper One) which hits shelves 2/15/22. She lives in Los Angeles with her son (16) and three daughters (12, 9, 9.)