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We're always looking for fun opportunities to interact with our community.

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#openEd presents: Rope for Solo & Partnered Intimacy with Lotus & Blane

Join us in our #openEd Zoom Classroom for this live event!

Exploring massage and physical touch with yourself and your partner(s) can bring us back to the center, fulfill our needs and promote needed circulation in the body while stimulating social hormones as well as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin! 

In this workshop, we explore fun and functional rope bondage ties for intimacy and sensual massage techniques that are ideal for introducing new sensations and elevating the pleasure experience whether solo or partnered.

(If you wish to practice these techniques on yourself or a partner, here is what you'll need:
1 15ft rope
1 30ft rope

(Bigger bodies)
2 15ft rope
2 30ft rope)

BIO | Lotus & Blane

Pronouns | He/Him & She/Her

Lotus RopeWolf and Blane are romantic partners who love BDSM so much they came together to teach. Their relationship includes BDSM (D/S dynamics) and ethical non-monogamy.

Lotus is a professional dominant who specializes in rope and sensation play. Blane is a licensed massage therapist, copywriter, and professional submissive of 15 years. As they grew and shared the journey along the way, they found themselves interacting with more curious kinksters around the country. Questions ranging from play partnerships and vetting to various archetypes in Kink pushed them to open themselves for consults and conversations but it was not enough. This need for information and desire for experience prompted them to curate various private events for open-minded people to learn hands-on Kink/BDSM practices and dynamics. Migrating to virtual platforms was worth it, creating an even larger reach for education. Working together as collaborators has allowed them to grow in love and laughter as they share. Lotus RopeWolf and Blane currently reside in New York.  

Twitter  | Blane @thegawddessblane Lotus @Lotus_RopeWolf
Instagram | Blane @gawddessblane Lotus @Lotus_RopeWolf

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