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v1.1 - 9|13|2021

Community Guidelines

We expect all members of the #open community to play NICE.

Sticky-note with the letter N on it.

Sticky-note with the letter N on it. Negotiate

Communicate your intentions, expectations, and desires with clarity and honesty.

Sticky-note with the letter I on it.

Sticky-note with the letter I on it. Include

Treat yourself and your fellow members with respect. Be welcoming and accepting of others.

Sticky-note with the letter C on it.

Sticky-note with the letter C on it. Consent

Always practice affirmative, enthusiastic consent when you share or do anything with another person. Do not send unsolicited explicit pictures to others or display them publicly on your profile.

Sticky-note with the letter E on it.

Sticky-note with the letter E on it. Experience

Allow yourself and others to explore and experience new things without shame or judgement.

NICE is our guiding philosophy, but sometimes you need a bit more. These community guidelines outline our policies in greater detail; if you see anyone violating them, please let us know directly in the app by messaging Support from your New Connections or by emailing


Be conscientious, courteous, and kind. Don't send abusive, threatening, violent, or offensive messages. We also don't allow any form of doxxing on #open, whether the target is a member of our community or not. Those who use our platform to abuse others will quickly find themselves removed from it.

#open is designed to be a comfortable, welcoming, and inclusive space where people can explore without being judged. Please help us keep it that way.

Malicious Reporting

We do not dictate how people identify on #open—just because someone doesn't conform to your expectations for how people of a particular gender identity "should" look doesn't mean that they don't genuinely identify that way.

Reporting other users because of their gender identity or orientation rather than because of anything they did is a pernicious form of harassment that we do not tolerate. Reporting others in this fashion will result in action being taken against your account.

Sexual Harassment

The 'C' in NICE stands for Consent. Sending sexually explicit or messages to others without their consent is harassment. Displaying explicit images or other explicit content in public is indecent exposure in real life and it's indecent exposure online. Do not put explicit content on the public portions of your profile.

Spend time getting to know someone before bringing up subjects that are private or intimate. If someone tells you that you've gone over the line or made them uncomfortable, apologize and back off.


#open is deeply rooted in the principle of inclusivity. We have zero tolerance for hateful activities.

hateful activities

Activities that encourage or engage in defamation, intimidation, harassment, threats, or violence against an individual or group based on their actual or perceived appearance, disability, race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship style, or sexual interests.

Hateful activities include but are not limited to:

  • Using slurs, coded language, or dog whistles
  • Reproducing symbols, signs, or codes associated with hate groups
  • Endorsing hate groups, their activities, or their ideologies

Illegal activities

We do not permit the display of or encouragement of illegal activities, including photographs or hashtags that relate to the sale or use of illegal substances or activities.

Commerce and solicitation

#open is a platform for forming personal connections with other people. It's not for selling stuff, no matter what it is.

Profiles created on our platform that were clearly made for the purpose of selling something—whether it's photos or other content, premium chats, or anything else—driving traffic to a website, or deriving any other kind of monetary value may be permanently banned.

Please do not provide your financial information (Paypal, Venmo, bank account information, and so on) to others or share any other kind of information for the purpose of receiving money or gifts.

Please do not request that others send you their financial information.

If someone is trying to get you to buy something or send them money (or gifts, or donations, or…) please let us know in the app by messaging Support from your New Connections or via email at

Simply put, do not use #open as a platform for conducting business of any kind.

A Note on Kink

We understand that certain kinks can include a financial element but, particularly in light of the passage of FOSTA/SESTA, we cannot allow any content that suggests an exchange of money or gifts for sex or companionship on #open. This includes references to sugar baby/parent relationships, findom, etc. We at #open strongly oppose FOSTA/SESTA, and look forward to re-evaluating this policy as soon as it can be repealed.

Contact information

We do not allow contact information (phone number, email address, actual address, social media handles, etc.) to be included in the public portions of your profile outside of the provided social media fields. Get to know people before you give them your phone number, please!


#open is a service for adults. Every user on the platform must indicate that they are 18 years old or older to sign up. If you believe that a user is a minor that has misrepresented their age, report them to us directly in the app messaging Support from your New Connections or via email at


While we generally permit a wide range of hashtags to help #open members find each other based on their interests, preferences, and boundaries, we do reserve the right to remove hashtags and/or block hashtags that violate our community guidelines (especially around commerce, racism / hate speech, and illegal activities).


Being able to express yourself with the 'public' photos on your profile is a big part of #open, but we have some ground rules.

Nudity & Sex

Please don't post explicit images of yourself or anyone else. This includes:

  • Photos containing exposed "female-presenting" nipples (see note below)
  • Photos of genitals
  • Photos in which your (or anyone else's) bits are covered in something so tight that we know exactly what they look like even though the skin is hidden
  • Crotch shots, clothed or otherwise
  • Photos of sex acts (including groping), whether we can see anything or not
A Note on Nipples

We here at #open are all for nipple equality. But we are beholden to Apple's content policies if we want #open to continue to be available on Apple devices.

Hate & Violence

We don't allow hateful, excessively violent, or otherwise disturbing images. Please don't upload photos that depict:

  • Memes, images, logos, signs, symbols, or any other displays from or associated with hate groups
  • Non-consensual violence
  • Violence against animals
  • Firearms

Private Information

Photos with contact or other private information on them, whether it's yours or someone else's, are not allowed. We remove:

  • Photos with contact or other private information on them (phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, etc.)
  • Photos of other people posted without their permission

If someone has posted photos of you without your permission, please let us know in app by messaging Support from your New Connectionsb or by emailing


While we understand that children can be a big part of your life, we do not allow photos of anyone under the age of 18 on #open. Feel free to tell people about your family in your profile!


Please do not post images that you do not have the rights to reproduce. We remove copyrighted images at the request of rights holders. We may also remove images that are clearly not yours (photos of celebrities, stock photos, memes, and so on), or that are blank or otherwise too generic.

Offline behavior

We take reports of unacceptable offline behavior seriously. If another user has engaged in harassment, assault, theft, violence or any other abusive, alarming, or dangerous behavior please report it to us by messaging Support from your New Connections in the app or by emailing Depending on the nature of your report, you will either receive a timely response directly from a member of our team, or instead from an on-call expert in working with trauma survivors.

These guidelines and the policies they represent will always be a work in progress. They have been informed by our team’s collective experience with similar apps, by our experience running #open, and through consulting with a number of experts. In particular, we’d like to thank Jaclyn Friedman for her contributions.